Buttons sold to slaycruz
[S]6 x 30mm and 2 x 24mm (only one pictured)[/S]
[S]USED. Sanwa Buttons. ALL have solid white rims, but OBSC clear plungers. original solid color plungers included.[/S]
[S]$18 Shipped[/S]

Qanba Lever sold to m0o0
[S]Qanba stock lever from Q1CUT. Feels like Sanwa JLF but a little bit tighter/snappy. Can be fitted with JLF shaft covers/dustwashers/LB-35. Uses omron switches. Includes 3 inter-changable gates (the gates are also usable in a JLF!) and Sanwa white LB-35.[/S]
[S]$16 shipped[/S]

***TE Metal Panel sold to marquezsf ***
[S]USED. **Madcatz Tournament Edition Figthstick Metal Panel w/ BlazBlue Artwork plus Dark Blue Bezel. **This came from the White Xbox 360 BlazBlue TE, the art has xbox buttons labeling. I have no use for this anymore, someone might like them for the art, or for a custom project. Included is the Dark Blue madcatz TE bezel that it originally came with. It has a Vewlix layout. It’s in good condition, the artwork has never been tampered with, and was never removed from the metal panel. Joysticks can be mounted using M4 size bolts/screws.[/S]
[S]$30 shipped for both.[/S]

HRAP2+GGXXAC SOLD to Running Wild
[S]USED.** Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 (PS1/2). Stock internals, no cosmetic mods done. Fitted with a full Seimitsu set-up. LS-56-01 + PS14-G / PS-14-D** buttons. Color choices mean to reference a NeoCandy29 cabinet. I have the original box, but it’s not exactly in immaculate shape. (It was delivered from Japan, using the box itself :S)[/S]
[S]This is my baby, really hate to see this go, but i’m ready to ‘graduate’ from og HRAPs towards a Virtua Stick Pro or Hori VLX. Any funds help :S[/S]
[S]$130 shipped or Best Offer (PM me for questions!)[/S]

[S]Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (PS2)[/S]
[S]Used. Good Condition, was barely used, includes Bonus Soundtrack CD.[/S]
[S]$15 Shipped or FREE if you buy the HRAP2^^[/S]

everything gone! nice business!

Pm’d for buttons

sold some stuff, added blazblue TE panel for sale.

shipped sold items today. price drop on HRAP2, can still go lower!

That is an awesome looking hrap aka best stick ever that works on every system with the right adapter. I love the stock art on those sticks. Good luck with the sale hibachifinal.

That HRAP is amazing and I can’t believe you’re selling it for such a good price. If I didn’t already have an HRAP that I decked out, I would be on that like flies on shit.

Updated with new offer: GGXXAC+ for PS2. It’s free if you buy the HRAP2. Aiming to sell these today!

everything sold! till next time~