WTS: All Seimitsu Chun TE-S PS3. Miwa Oshiro Edition

So, I have a Chun-Li stick modded with Seimitsu PS’s, and an LS-56 with custom round gate, and a stock octo gate SUPER stiff spring. Its also a 6 button plexi setup, and has anodized hexes. Art by Dev. Markman took a snap of it when he came to PowerUp 2011. Approved!

Been playing pad forever, bought into the stick hype, modded a SE thought it was too little/light, got this TE to mod, and after you get it buttoned together with the new parts, you feel like “YES!” then the novelty wears off you realize that…fuck sticks.

Its for PS3.

$120 OTD

price shipped? and do u have original art?

Why would you do this to a Chun Stick?! :sweat:

Anyway, $100 shipped.

ya, the girl isn’t even all that hot…

My thoughts exactly.

haha nice art.

If the art can be changed, I’d buy it.
How much shipping to Ontario, Canada? Do you accept PayPal?

Possibly because SFIV man-hands-no-torso-thunder-thighs Chun isn’t so hot herself?

Also Chun stick is NOT collectible.

Art can always be changed on TE stick.

And to everyone OG art had been sold on here. Dont have it.

Sold to PillarOfHeaven