Wts AIAB 360 stick

For sale Arcade in a box stick bought in febuary at the end of the month. Stick is in mint condition, I can trade thebutton color to white if you prefer, but you will have to hook them up. There is no quick dissconnects, Japanese close button layout, Sawnwa JLF stick , Sanwa Buttons . Heaset jack (wich was $15 extra)Stick plays like butter , the stick iyself feels better than tghe 1 in my TE stick. Iam looing to get $150 usd plus shipping witch is less than the stick is brand new. Would trad for a Te or 3 SE’s lol . O ya its the slim mode;. Real nice stick and the stick will have a white sawnwa balltop , not the pink

I’ll trade you 2 brand new 360 SE’s, straight up. PM me.

how much is shipping to 96818

You should sort something out with Tim Static. He’s pretty much the biggest AIAB fan on the site. :smile:

bagga where do live wanting to see about shipping

Response maybe?

SOrry for tthe late response , If nothing else turns up I miht trade itfor the 2 se’s . Its just not really worth it for 2 se’s.

Well, its not worth 3 either. You want $150 + shipping, which will be no more than $20-$30 & 2 SE’s are $160 plus tax (about $170 total), and these SE’s have not been opened.

Just let me know. We can work something out.

I’m with Kyle on this one. I’d love to see this go to Tim Static. And seriously, for two Xbox 360 Mad Catz FightStick Standard Editions straight up PLUS cash, that’s an epic deal! Good luck Tim, I’m rooting for you too!

Where did you go? I need your address to figure out shipping.

PM me back!

Bump stick is still up for grabs

i wish i had the money for it. nice stick btw