WTS : Agetec Stick [SOLD] and Far cry 2; ADDED- PS1/2 stick

Hello everybody up for sale today are :

  1. Dreamcast Agetec Arcade stick (not modded) its Stock and its just beggin to be modded :bgrin: its in good condition no major problems, looking for $50 shipped. SOLD

  2. Far cry 2 for PS3, played it like once. Game is like new :tup: looking for $25 shipped.

I have feedback thread but i cant find it :xeye: but dont worry im a good seller :smile:

Pics upon request.

PS1/2 Stick :

can you do $40shipped on the dc stick?

I can do $40 yes…

If Aj doesent pick it up… Ill take it for 40 thanks

Sry Agetec sold last night …

damn it! lol

:u: yea sry :lol:

EDIT: I have added PS1/2 stick, i bought this stick from one of the stick builders here, it works great. Its in good condition Comp stick and Convex buttons. asking at least $75 shipped.

EDIT X2 : $60 shipped for the stick


I’d like dibs on it too :smiley:

EDIT: Ah nvm, thought it’d be Japanese layout. Goodluck on the sale!

pic link posted anyhow

Im making a drop on the ps2/1 stick, $60 shipped.

Probably the final price for it…

Is the stick an IL? Is there a way to put stick art on that?

Not sure if its an IL didnt really ask when I bought it… and no the white plexi is glued down :sweat:

closing as requested.