WTS: Agetec modded stick for PS2

This is a Dreamcast Agetec stick modded by respected SRK member Paik4Life with a Seimitsu LS-32 stick, all Sanwa buttons and a Sony DualShock PCB (which is the most compatible with converters). It has a sheet of acrylic over the custom art to keep it nice and a custom red paint job. It works great and looks slick as hell (the picture doesn’t really do it justice).

The select is on the left side, start is on the right, and the analog switch is on the top of the stick.

I’m not selling it immediately, I’m going to wait to sell it after I get my new stick after I compare them to see which of them I like better. PM me if you want this stick once I decide whether I like it or not (it will be about a week). The asking price is 130$.

Dropped the price.

Another drop.

I put this up on a SHMUP forum, but I’d really rather sell it to one of my SRK brothas. Someone buy it up before it gets snatched up.

want to trade for the pelican?

Nah I can’t do trades, I need cash. But I will accept offers on either of the items.

What does that Analog switch on the Agetec do exactly?

I’m not sure exactly, I’ve never had a game that I had to turn off the analog on. The analog sticks are not hooked up to the stick in any way, so it’s not to switch from analog to digital. I think it was just a safety measure in case any of the games didn’t agree with analog being turned on (maybe some PS1/2 games wouldn’t allow for moving with the DPad if analog was on?)

Pelican sold.