WTS [Agetec Boxes, X-Arcade box and other random things]

Hello Everybody,

I was going through my room and happened to run across some parts and items that someone out there might want. Check em out and lemme know if you’re interested.

2 Agetec Boxes

(They’re both gutted. I was planning on modding them with the parts that im selling.)

1 box is gutted but hasn’t had any modding done to it. [$30]

The other box has been some what modded. I covered the hole for the original start button and the VMU slot. I drilled two holes in the right side that will fit two 24MM Sanwa Screw in buttons. I also shaved down the button housings on the inside of the box so that 30MM Sanwa Buttons will fit. The box is also painted black…its been sitting for a while so the paint job needs some touch ups but its not too bad. All that’s left to do is to mod the top plate so that the Sanwa buttons will sit in it correctly…I also have the screws nuts and bolts to mount the stick… [$40]

X-Arcade Box [$25]

Gutted…but it has a Happ competition 8-way in it all already. needs a few button plugs and buttons. Theirs also no bottom, its a big box though so you don’t really need it

Other things that i have include:

  • A few red Hori Buttons
  • Two yellow Hori buttons (24MM size)
  • Two green Agetec Ball tops…

If you happen to be interested in buying any of these items please feel free to PM me or post here.

i have a Paypal account so I’ll be accepting payments through that

Thank you

hey intertested in one of those agetec boxes. I’ll pm u when I get on a comp. I’m on my phone right now

I’m a bit interested in the white agetec. Sending you a pm =)

interested in ALL of the sanwa parts; all buttons, and both sticks – PM me with details [new/used – how used, etc]

Watsup folks,

Thanks for the feedback so far…I’ll be replying to all of your PM’s today

PM sent.


All boxes are still for sale, i you are interested please feel free to PM me or post

pm sent

PM sent


Those two agetec shells are still available? Did each sale fall thru?

Yea, They’re still for sale…ran in to some problems so i couldnt get em sold before

But yea, theyre both still for sale