WTS: Aero City Double Stick (Unpopulated)

READ FIRST: Up for sale is my double stick which was originally a control panel and control panel box from a Sega Aero City arcade cabinet. For sale is the Control Panel Case and Control Panel only. This WILL NOT include the buttons, joystick, and PCB’s that are in it. This thing is not made of flimsy plastic, it is solid metal and weighs a ton. It was originally in “ok” shape and was restored with some sandblasting and repainting. Paint job isn’t completely perfect but it is very good. Done with professional car paint and can be waxed.




This thing is pretty sweet! GL on your sale.



aero panel arrived today and man this thing is freaking beautiful.pictures do not do it justice thanks alot gigazord and good luck with your blast city project.

how much did you get it for? Looks amazing!

oh man I was looking for that panel for my new astro city :frowning: