WTS: Actions figures, ps1/ps2 games, Jpop dvds, anime dvds, finkle stick + games

Wow I’m really happy that srk bought majority of my stuff!
So here’s the deal since you guys are fucking awesome.
If you buy any game you will get a figure that I have listed until of course all the figures are gone. Just tell me which one you want and I’ll throw it in. Also buy more then one game or dvd or a combination of both, I won’t even bother with the shipping cost. One last thing, if I feel real good about the purchase like for instance, if you bought Xenogears with the guide, I might throw in another game for the hell of it. So there ya go!

Video Game and Anime Figures:

Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife Figure(missing buster sword), Final Fantasy 8 Skull, Akira Tetsuo, Ruruoni Kenshin Hajime.

Final Fantasy Tactics $10
Xenogears original cover case $40 or with guide $50
Xenogears greatest hits w/guide $45
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete $20 (box is in horrible condition but not the discs!)
King of Fighters '99 $5
Vanguard Bandits $10
Final Fantasy 9 $20
Wild Arms (no instructions) $25
Gran Turismo 2 $10

Tony Hawk Project 8 $10
Kingdom Hearts $10
GTA San Andreas $10
Disgaea $15
Gradius 5 $15
R Type Final $15

Capcom Vs SNK 2 $35
The King of Fighters 00/01 $20

Gran Turismo 3 $5
Final Fantasy Anthology $5


Do as Infinity Final $12
Utada Hikaru Single Clip Collection Vol. 4 $12
Street Fighter 2 The movie $10
Street Fighter 2 The series $12
MS Gundam Char’s Counter Attack $10
MS Gundam 0080 $10
Evangelion The End of Evangelion $10
Vision of Escaflowne $10

Buy more then one item, no cost for shipping. If not, $5 per game.

Updated lower price to 40 dollars.

40 bucks for each figure? I’m really interested in that Tetsuo figurine.

Nope, 40 dollars for all the figures. BOOM!

One more UPDATE: Games, I’ll add in Anime dvds later tonight so keep on the look out for them in interested.

Tell me when you decide to sell things individually. I doubt anyone would buy that stuff as a packaged deal. (games I mean, not the figs)

Ditto. Interested in FF7, Lunar and Vagrant Story.

you still got more shmups to add?

Yep just added some shmups, and also dvds.

prices for the games would be nice/mandatory by trading forum rules.

$375 for all the games and guides as listed before.

I meant individually.

Give me a day or 2, if nothing happens, I’ll start selling the games individually.

I’ll buy the Do As Infinity Live Tour 2001 Deep Forest from you.

I reduced some prices even more. I got more stuff to sell so if no one claims these items soon, I’m going to take them off and put them on ebay. In replace of this stuff will be a fighting game package that includes a finkle stick, I’m going to double check the games and the stick before putting it on here. OH and if any one has any offers let me know, I’ opened to people’s opinions especially since I’m really trying to get rid of this stuff.

FINAL BUMP! This is it, I reduced the prices even further. If no one starts claiming the rest of these games/dvds soon I’m putting it up on ebay and closing the sales.

which gradius is that? 3&4 or 5?

It’s five, I should put the actual number, my bad!

How much for all your shmups?

$50 dollars shipped