WTS a bunch of HRAP2, HRAP3 SA, and Madcatz standard SF4 sticks

Hi all, I’m planning on moving out of state and I’m not going to carry my collection with me to where I’ll be going so I want to find a good home for these. Available for sale are as follows:

Three HRAP2 Amazon of Japan exclusive (orange ball and buttons) - these were only used once to test when I first received them to make sure they weren’t damaged when I had them imported. asking for $175 shipped each.


Madcatz SF4 SE - SOLD

Would prefer selling locally (I’m in Orange County, CA) but willing to ship.


Needs prices

And pics

Interested in ANY HRAP. Please let me know!

updated with pricing and pics

What system are the Mad Catz sticks for?

Madcatz are for PS3

do u still have those hrap3 sa’s available??? how much to ship to canada???

how much would you charge for shipping to NC for one of the SE sticks?

The prices that I have are the final prices even if shipped to NC. I suppose you could say I don’t charge for shipping.

I bought an Amazon.jp HRAP a few months ago. Really easy to mod, and it plays like a dream. The button layout looks like HRAP1 to me, but I could just be ignorant. Good luck with the sale.

Dam I’m really interested in The HRAP for the PS2’s, Is $175 your final Price?


Submitted payment for 2x SFIV SE PS3 FightSticks.

Check your inbox sent you a PM!

pm sent

I got the two PS3 SF4 SE FightSticks today, thanks for the quick shipment!

Sent Paypal payment for one of the PS2 HRAP’s.