WTS: 360 Hori EX2 Sticks/360Games/Fat PS2 console/ Pelican PS2 to Ps3/ Other stuff

***SOLD***Xbox360 Fighting Stick EX 2 - $65 + shipping
***SOLD***Xbox360 Fighting Stick EX 2 - Soul Calibur 4 Limited Edition - $75 + shipping
***SOLD***White Dreamcast Controller - $10 Shipped (3 available)
***SOLD***Clear Black Dreamcast Controller - $15 Shipped
Black Sony Brand PS2 Controller - $10 Shipped

***Pending***PS2 Console “Fat” - $35 + Shipping (includes console, AC Cable, AV Cable or RF cable, Mad Catz Micro Con controller — I’ll include all the PS2 games with it if nobody picks up the games, or whatevers leftover from the games)

PS2 games - $5 each shipped: Will work out a deal if you wanna buy the lot
NBA Live 2002
NFL Street
NBA Live 2005
Madden 2005
Legends of Wrestling
Gran Turismo 3 A-spec
Need for Speed Underground 2
Enter the Matrix
Jame Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire
Tekken 4

Xbox 360 games:
***SOLD***Gears of War - $20 shipped
***SOLD***Soul Calibur IV - $20 Shipped
Virtua Fighter 5 - $15 Shipped
***PENDING***Ninja Gaiden II - $15 Shipped
***Pending***Tenchu Z - $15 Shipped

***SOLD***Used Xbox 360 Graphite Faceplate - $5 shipped

2 of 3 available SFAC “Guts”, the insides from swapping everything out - $25 Shipped (includes “yellow” PCB, 8 buttons, Joystick, Xbox/Ps2 Cable)
EDiT: 2 of them come with all the wiring harnesses

***SOLD***Used Japanese Sega Saturn - $50 + shipping (includes system, AC power cord, AV cables, and one controller)

SOLD Used Pelican PS2 to PS3 Controller Adapter PL-6338 - $50 shipped
[COLOR=“Red”]SOLD Mad Catz PS3 Fightstick modded with dark hai sanwa parts - $150 + Shipping[/COLOR]

*Pictures are mirrored

Shipping Via USPS
International buyers will cover shipping costs.
Paypal only, but local pickup welcome. THANKS!

Haha, that’s what I was thinking. Maybe they’re dipped in bronze or have been fully modded-out with Sanwa parts or something.

Edit: nevermind, they seem to be going for that much elsewhere. My mistake! :sweat:

just matching fleabay prices, I saw interest 2 weeks ago at these prices. If you don’t like it don’t buy it

Holy crap, he’s right (amazon.com). Shoulda picked some up when they got released and sat on 'em!

Good luck with the sales, duder.

can you get everyone on here a 360 stick for $39? do a favor to the community if youre so concerned. go ahead and get a dozen and post them for $39 plus paypal fees and shipping. we’ll wait.

There’s no reason to post if you don’t like the prices. Leave Truckasaurus alone! :smile:

They might be out of their minds, but if they really want a particular stick, they’re probably gonna pay whatever they want, regardless of the “correct market” value. Hell, beanie babies retailed for $4.99 and turned into ~$200 collectables like 5 years later. People are gonna pay what they wanna pay.

If you don’t like his prices, don’t post.
Next one to argue gets an infraction.

u rly must be new to the internet… ahahah


Added/fixed pictures, added a jp sega saturn, and changed most things to “shipped”

Just an fyi the picture links are broken again, good luck on the sale.

Why are all your pictured mirrored lol? At first I was like “What the hell is wrong with that stick!?”

That Saturn is a steal considering that shipping will probably run you $20. Best of luck with the sale!


why does the sol cal cost more if its the same stick

Thanks for the heads up, I think I’ll just link instead of embed

haha, I’m using the camera off of my laptop, I guess it’s mirrored. It’s either mirrored or crappy cell phone pics

Thanks Kyle! I got it shipped straight out of japan

I guess cuz it’s the SC4 Limited Edition one, so the artwork is the difference maker. But I do agree with you, they are virtually the same stick

I’ll fix the pics right now and post more stuff up. CHEERS!


Added/fixed pics again
Sega Saturn pending sale
Added PS2 console and other stuff for sale

PM send.

Price Drops on everything except the saturn/agetec
1st two pics are mirrored, Open to trades as well

is the black dreamcast controller new?

also whats the agetec look like (condition-wise)

No, the black dreamcast controller is used. Everything is used.

Agetec is clean, fully functional. Looks good as new. Used it the other day for some MVC 4 player cross fever madness