WTS: 360 game and PS1/2 Games. CLOSING LATER TODAY!


i’ll take Children of Mana & Magical Starsign for $15

All PM’s replied to.

Starsign and Children of Mana are pending.
Wii games are pending.

Any deal for both SF’s and capcom fighting evolution? Pm me a price, I’m interested on these.

PM Sent.

I’d like to get the four Ace Attorney games and SMG:Devil Survivor. Any chance you’d be up for a deal involving any of my boards+paypal or modwork?
EDIT: And possible PS0

Only interested in cash right now. Sorry. :frowning:

No worries, I’m sure they’ll sell. Thanks for considering.

Awaiting payments.

PM sent for Infamous

pm replied.

inFamous, Alpha Anthology and 98UM are pending.

inFamous, Alpha Anthology and 98UM have been sold.

KOFXI and GGAC+ are pending.

so I’m paypal ready for NGBC and SFAC…


Hey Stuart, sorry if this is a dumb question, but what exactly is the “Wal-Mart edition” of Arkham Asylum? 'Cause if it’s the whole game and all, I’d like it!

Also: I LOVE your Av. Coheed for life.


Arkham Asylum is on hold. Price for Darksiders lowered.

PS2 system is on hold.