WTS: 3 Sticks and a Fightpad

I have 3 arcade sticks for sale:


Mad Catz Round 2 Tournament Edition stick for Xbox 360, all stock except for red bubble ball top and octagon gate. $90 obo.


Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 (for PS3) with sanwa buttons, orange carbon fiber pattern ball top (discontinued part), Arthong plexi top with Rufus laser-etched into it, interesting fiery background. Also has an octagon gate. $75 obo.


Hori Real Arcade Pro EX (for Xbox 360) with sanwa buttons, laser cut acrylic top (no sharp edges!), Zeta Gundam background. The USB cord on this one is pretty awful. It does not consistantly work right, so this is in need of repair, or can be made into a project of sorts. Everything else works great. $45 obo.

Located in Osceola, IN 46561, thanks.

$20 shipped for the pad??

The prices are not including shipping. The Pad is now sold, however.

PM Sent.

Ahh okay you should probably update the original post :slight_smile:

The TE is also sold now.

Bump because HRAP. GLWS.


Both HRAPs are still available!

Pm sent

Got the Chun Li Pad as described a few weeks back. Thanks Newtype Andy!

The HRAP EX with damaged cord is now sold. Thanks for everyone who inquired.

All that remains is the Rufus plexi HRAP 3 for PS3.

Dropping the Rufus HRAP 3 to $65 + shipping.

$60 + shipping for the Rufus HRAP 3.

$55 + Shipping for Rufus HRAP 3. Last call.

What panel is under that flame art and Rufus plexi? Is it in good condition?

This stick I actually bought from my 2nd cousin this way. I’ve never removed the plexi or swapped the art, I only changed the buttons. I’d think it’s just the sheet metal plate with adhesive under the flame art (that’s what it was on my HRAP EX), meaning I doubt you’d actually remove the flame art, but you’d put something over it instead. The stick in general is in good condition. I started keeping electrical tape around the base of the cord to help reinforce and protect it ever since the cord on my other HRAP got damaged. This one is good though.

It looks like there is some discoloration on the plastic shell and on the “turbo” panel. Sup with that?

Dust. It’s not like that now.


I sent you a pm.