WTS: 3 in 1 PC JoyBox Converter (Saturn, DC, PS2 to PC) Sold

Its the one here except opened. It works fine. I just stopped playing GGPO

$20 shipped to US.

or trade for PS to DC converter

what button layout does the dc converter have to be? i have the total control if you’re interested (HP = L1, HK = R1).

i have no clue, crap. can’t i change button config to play marvel if its wrong layout?

if you wanna open the stick and change 2 wires yeah, but not in the game. the problem with the one i have is that it ONLY maps to those trigger buttons, so if your stick didn’t have L1/R1 in those spots, you couldn’t remap. That’s why people want the later total control or the innovation adapters. mine’s more for people with certain horis and i think certain hraps. you can test your stick in ps2 3S where you can config L1 to HP, R1 to HK, and R2/L2 to nothing. If you can play fine, my adapter’s the one you need. i had a custom so i just changed two wires to make it the right layout.

bump, still for sale. still will check on my layout

payment pending


and i still haven’t seen payment! Blasphemy

I just sent it to you :looney:

Pssh it’s gone because I know I paid for it! As a mod, I might as well close it.