WTS-23 Apple HD Cinema Display $80 (local) ,Dual mod, 8GB ipod Touch- NOW w/PICS!

Deciding to sell a few things that I LOVE so much. Screw it! I gotta prioritize my life a little better so without further ado, I present to you…

Here is the other plexi and buttons that were in it before the all black transformation. I’ll sell this for 35 shipped.

I am adding my beloved (seriously, this stick is awesome!) Zelda stick; dual modded with 360 pad and dual strike. It also has arc-eye led’s (colored after the 360 button config) and the lights turn on and off using a reed relay magnet. This is a solid wood case with a very slight slant to it. It has the Toggleme aluminum bat top on the JLW and clear seimitsu buttons. Needless to say, I’m selling this at a steep loss. $225 shipped or best offer.

I also have an 8GB ipod touch 2nd gen that I wanna sell for 100 shipped. I’ll try to post pics of it tonight.

**EDIT (2/4/2011)- **I’m noticing that the earplug jack is acting wonky. The left channel sometimes drops in and out. I don’t feel like fixing it so… Price dropped to 60 cash. **LOCAL ONLY **(so you can see and try it out in person).

I also have a 23 inch Apple Cinema Display monitor. This is a steal at the price of 80 dollars OR BEST OFFER! I was moving it when I was cleaning and snapped the stand (pic shown). This can easily be fixed by someone who is savvy enough. It comes with a power adapter and a DVI converter (the converter sells for 99 bucks by itself!). I would not recommend this for SF4 gaming as there is noticeable lag and a little ghosting (this is the oder model). It has a maximum resolution of 1900X1200. There is a little stain from a liquid inside of the casing (pic shown). I want to sell this locally as it would cost way too much to ship.

USED DJ HERO w/turn table- 30 shipped.

I still have the other ones that I posted over the weekend. I was thinking of keeping them but PM if you’re interested in those.
I hope someone is interested out there. =]

Bump. If you have a iphone 3GS we can negotiate a little more. Anyone interested?

How much use on the stick? How does the chimp work as far as dual boot? PS3/Xbox home buttons work on both consoles? How do you set what it boots up as? And you have the original 8 button top correct? (not sure if that is what you mean by original art, not too familiar with TE’s)

The stick has minimal use on it. I’d say it has a total of about 2-3 hours on it. The only thing is that the custom art that is on it now (with Ken and Juri) has a crease across the top because it got stuck on glue. I can reprint the art if you want and send it with the stick. The Chimp auto detects which console it’s connected to. The default system is 360 but if you connect it to the PS3, it automatically switches so no need for buttons to hold down or anything. I have the original top art of the TE “S” that has Ryu and Ken on it. It has a pearlish white color to it and it has space for 8 buttons. Also, the home/guide button works for both systems.

If no one comes up with the trade you want, i’d possibly interested in purchashing the stick for my younger brother, pm me.

If you’re interested in purchasing it, send me a PM asap. So far I’ve got a PM from one member.

Bump. Changed plexi/art and added stuff.

Bump. No one interested?

Ninja te you say… hmmmm

“Yes I’m a all black ninja, coming where you rest at; surrender!” - Method Man
excerpt from “The What” B.I.G. ft Method Man

BTW- I’m interested in a 2nd Gen or better ipod touch. Mainly because of the faster wireless and the speaker.

Bump. Offered as standalone dual mod. 200 plus shipping.
Selling plexi and buttons seperate. 35 shipped.

Jump on this people, the stick looks and plays like a dream. I should know I dual modded it lol

PM sent

PM answered.

Still available.

Added items. Hurry, before I change my mind on the Zelda stick =]

That zelda stick was custom made by Elis and myself for Lefty. It truly is a beautiful stick.

PM’d you about the dual mod TE-S. Gummo, did you help with that?

Gummy made that Zelda stick for me and the box was made by Elis. Solid stuff!
PM answered.

Nice sticks man, good luck selling them. >_<

PM’ed about the all black ninja stick. NINNJAAAAA