WTS: 2 Virtua Stick High Grade

near mint VSHGs. I’m willing to sell each for $120, plus shipping whatever that may be via paypal, or best offers. No Lowball offers please.

both sticks have an M engraved on the bottom so they have been checked out by sega.


someone jump on these. they are super hard to find.

I’m very tempted. Just can’t bring myself to spend that much.

i got pictures now.

PM sent

is this stick still available? Pm me when you have a chance, i cannot pm you, its not letting me b/c of the new rules.

to all who live in SoCal, I might be able to have the joysticks in SoCal for in person meet up and sale through feb 10-24, let me know if you’re still interested!

I’m in SoCal, if I can look at in person before buying I’ll take one.

I would of buy this, if it wasent for the respond time issue on the pcb board.

Pm me if yhou are still interested in selling them?

I think he’s sold out. he pm’ed me last night saying couldn’t do local since they were sold



everything is set, i don’t forsee not selling the sticks to the buyer, but if they are still available for some spectacular reason i’ll update this thread.

edit. just sold. thanks everyone for their interest.