WTS: 2 MADCATZ PS3 SE STICk. with seimitsu stick. sanwa buttons

i have a new modded ps3 se stick 3 white sanwa 2 red sanwa pushbuttons.will put red on it when i sell it.
n a ls32-01 stick. with a plexi bottom.it was only open to modd n just to test out the buttons n stick. the used se stick is pretty much the same setup.

new 140$shipped

used 130$ +shipping i took off the art so its ready for new art. (SOLD)

what system

It’s for the PS3. The only reason I know is because I know the guy. It’s a great looking stick and should sell quickly.

picture ?

pics up

emailed you for the 1 with no artwork

used stick is being held for ibeatu.

payment sent for the stick with no art

pm sent for seimitsu

i recieved your payment

cool can’t wait and a little bump for your other stick.