WTS: 2 Custom blank wood boxes - $25 ea. plus SH

*** Both items sold. Thank you. ***

**Box 1: (SOLD & shipped)
$25 plus SH
** I made this in 2003 out of 3/4" pine and the top panel is 3/4" plywood. The holes are standard 1 1/8" for happ/iL pushbuttons and the joystick can be either a bottom-mounted Happ/iL competition or a top-mounted Sanwa JLF.
It was originally designed for a Happ comp stick, but I chiseled out a bit on the top to mount a Sanwa JLF (http://i29.tinypic.com/wi3n0g.jpg)
It is painted flat black (recently gave it a new paint job) and has 1/8" plexy or lexan (I forget which) on the top, although the bottom right corner has chipped off. Custom ken/bamboo artwork included. The bottom is 3/16" hardwood with glued on rubber feet.
No buttons or joysticks included.

How it looked with controls installed:

**Box 2: * (SOLD & shipped out) *
$25 plus SH
** I made this in 2003 and I have since made other boxes so I don’t need this anymore. This is made of 3/4" MDF wood and has a 3/16" Hardwood bottom with glued on rubber feet.
I covered the panels with carbon fiber style sticker - but its not actual carbon fiber. It is still shiny and can be cleaned with windex. Unfortunately the corners were not covered and the black paint is starting to wear off. The box is very solid though, and has holes for Happ/iL pushbuttons and competition joystick.
Joystick and buttons not included. Wiring not included.

This is what it looks like now.

This is what the stick looked like when it was first completed.

Location: Asbury Park, NJ
Shipping will most likely be around $10 or if you are close to New Jersey, this can be delivered in person to ‘8 on the Break’ in Dunellen, NJ for no extra charge.

Payment Methods
I prefer online payment methods like Paypal or Google Checkout. Otherwise money order is fine. I’d rather not take a check. You can PM for payment details.

By the way you can check out my eBay feedback here
same username so you can be sure its me.

pm sent

is the ken one gone?

edit- can the ken one house a competition happ stick?

Yes, you can put a Happ competition stick into the Ken stick – in fact that is what I had in it for the first 2 years. the base of a Happ stick is a little bigger than that of a Sanwa stick, so the screw holes for the happ comp are still there. you simply mount it with some .75" screws.

Its not available right now – I’m waiting on a payment for the Ken stick until Friday. if nothing happens, it will be available again.

if anybody backs out for either of the boxes, let me know and I will send you a payment

can the sanwa 30 mm buttons fit on this.

although you can use a top mounted Sanwa JLF easily, you cannot use Sanwa 30 mm buttons in this without modifications for two reasons:

  1. The holes are 1.125 in diameter. Sanwa buttons need a bigger hole - 1.181 inch
  2. The top panel is 0.75 in thick – in order to use Sanwa screw-ins, the panel shouldn’t be thicker than 0.69". In the future I might start using 0.5" wood for the top panel in my next projects.

hope this helps.