WTS 2 brand new unassembled chimp boards. Bought them a while back and never used them


Like title states, these are 2 brand new unassembled chimp boards to use with the Xbox 360 TE fightsticks. I bought them a while back from Lizardlick but never used them. Let me know if you are interested. Will send pictures if needed.

Very Nice! How Much?!

How much shipped to Anaheim, CA 92807?

$45 shipped. My email address is one100bill@yahoo.com You can also reach me at 323 304 1027.


And paid.

Thanks james, payment received.

Sold. Also selling HRAP 3 with plexi and custom artwork for $90 shipped. Also have 2 TE Xbox 360 PCB’s if anyone is interested. Will include pictures in a while.

damn James! haha saw this too late

Sorry sold them to james. Disregard the previous email unless you are interested in HRAP 3.

Items sent to the address you specified.

Shipped to me, the other James.

Too slow Joe!

can we get a pic of the art and plexi? I may be interested

I will try to add one tonight if not tomorrow for sure.

Forgot to mention that the HRAP3 has all sanwa buttons to include start and select.

Do you still have the PCBs? If so, how much? (and pics, if possible?)

Will add pics later on. Just been really busy with work and have been getting home late. I still have them and will post pics later on.

Sorry guys but the PCB’s are sold along with chimps.