WTS: 100$ TicketMaster card

As title says, I have a $100 ticketmaster card I’d like to get rid of for money since I have come across a guitar that will only be available to me for a little while and I’m short on cash. I’ll take 90 bucks for it. Let me know~

what is the expiration date for this?

there is no expiration date on the card. I haven’t even scratched off the film to see what the pin is yet.

tight i will think about it i’ll be buying from ticket master in the next 6 months.

cool, just let me know.

buy me

pics or it’s fake.

Blurred out last 4 digits, and as you can see the pin really hasn’t been scratched off yet.

I don’t go around shitting on your thread, so please stay out of mine from now on if you aren’t interested in what i’m selling.


it’s the principle of it all to post pics here and everywhere else on this site especially if you are selling stuff.

you’ve been on SRK long enough to know that this be true.

but if I didn’t post it then another member would. remember that.

I got nothing to hide man, easy as that. Just really want that fuckin guitar and I really get the feeling someone else is gonna snag it before I can haha

I feel you, but I know from experience that I couldn’t sell any of my shirts if i never posted pics of them. that’s just my logic. to each his own, good luck with this and i hope someone snatches that card up.


nah i was just salty from earlier. no worries bro.