WTS: 1 Sanwa case

1 case left. painted gloss white. sanwa jlf and screw in buttons only. $60 (obo) shipped in the U.S.


Yeah, those actually look pretty nice


Wow those turned out sweet!

The ABS case looks like it has a pretty deep slant (at least in the pics). Does it have a metal plate or something to add some weight to the case?

Oh yeah, PM’d

if there any left I want one

Both are pending…

I am very interested in the ABS one!

What part of Arizona do you live in?

Did you make these yourself? If so are you going to make more? Interested in the ABS model…


The plastic case is back up for sale.

hey, I sent you a pm, but I’m not sure if you can recieve it since noone else seems to reply. Something about being a newer member.

Anyway, I’d like to talk about commissioning a case like the stained mdf you made for another member. my email is chris.andon@googlemail.com . thanks!

do you have a worklog that looks neat

I lvoe the style of that plastic case. It’d make a great compact stick.


looks nice, but think it might be too small for me.


JLF only?

This cool panda knows what he’s doing with these awesome cases. :cool:

Just wanted to say I’ve seen the work before, 100% amazing.