WTS 1 DS and 3 GBA Games

I got rid of my DS so I have no further use for these games. Each are $5 or $20 shipped for the whole lot. Shipping on individual games are $5 priority flat rate small box with confirmation. I would offer first class, but seeing as how I would still have to purchase a small box and packing materials the price would come out to be the same or a little more, so priority seems to be the most convenient.

Metroid Prime Hunters game only with gamestop ds game case and two 3rd party styluses one black one green

GBA (games only, no manuals or boxes)
Metroid Fusion
Super Mario Bros. Advance 2 - Super Mario World
The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past (a previous owner, probably a kid, wrote their name on the front of the cart)

Sorry for the low quality, I don’t have my camera with me.


It’s the four swords version. I’ll post pics up later today.

edit Pic added.