Wth are these Street Fighter cartoons?

Not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes -

I’ve seen & followed all the animated Street Fighter shows & movies over the years, but I’ve come across 2 different places now seeming to depict a Street Fighter II cartoon I’ve not seen or heard of, nor can I track down.

(And why do I want to know? Well these clips look pretty cool so I’d love to track down & watch the source animated programs they come from.)

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Main video at top of page, from 39 seconds in to 48 seconds in (after the SFV in-game clip & before the SF II V show clip), this shows Chun-Li & then Ryu & Ken in a high quality animation (doesn’t look fan made) that looks quite similar to Street Fighter II: The Animated movie, but I’ve seen all the versions of that tons of times & it’s definitely not from that.


Ok, I figured out the first one, it’s called “Street Fighter II: Yomigaeru Fujiwara-kyō”. From the Street Fighter Wiki:

“Street Fighter II: Yomigaeru Fujiwara-kyō*** (ストリートファイターII よみがえる藤原京 *lit. *Street Fighter II: Return to the Fujiwara Capital) is an anime educational short film and quasi-sequel to Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, given that it uses the same animation style from the former. It was released shortly after the anime film in 1995 in Japan only.”

Not sure how I missed that before. I’d post links, but… new user link limit :frowning:

Next here is a source with 4 different clips from some sort of Street Fighter II animation (badly subbed) I’ve also never seen. Doesn’t seem related to the clip above, as the style seems different. Also maybe possible this could be SF IV related, based on character appearances, despite being stuck under the SF II heading, though probably not since Bison was not the big villain/focus in that game.

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Near the top under the “Street Fighter II” heading, the following 4 links -

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My only guesses are (beside fan made efforts) these clips come from some sort of limited-scope promotional videos or maybe some sort of bonus videos in some collector’s package like maybe Street Fighter II Anniversary for PS2 or something like that (I never played it). Or maybe limited scope animations by UDON comics or something like that?

Only Street Fighter II animations should be:

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
Street Fighter II V (/Street Fighter II Victory, anime series)
Street Fighter (U.S. cartoon, definitely not this)
some unofficial Korean cartoon (definitely not this)

Other Street Fighter animations are:

Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie
Street Fighter Alpha: Generations
Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind (OVA)
Super Street Fighter IV Juri prequel (short film)

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2 of 2 video clips continued:

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Video clips 2 of 2 continued:

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Clips 2 of 2:

Takes a massive blast from Chun-Li

Takes a beating

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Clips 2 of 2:

Avoids attacks by teleporting

Goes out with a powerful suicide attack


Both video sources now discovered.

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Those are from the canonical SF4 Aftermath trailers.

Capcom released 3 Aftermath trailers that depict the events immediately after SF2 and right before the events of SF4. These are Chun-Li Aftermath, Viper Aftermath (the one you are wondering about) and the Sakura Aftermath OVAs.

They are all part of the SF4 canonical family of animations that Capcom explored to relate the story of that era to its audience.


Cartoons & animation or anime threads? There is nothing on the main forums page showing a subtopic for these, hence my post here & still the disclaimer of “this might be in the wrong spot”.

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Thx a lot to Daemos for answering my question. Explains why it didn’t show up in the wikis for lists of SF animations (though I wish it was footnoted or something). Not sure how I missed these, since I try to follow anything SF since II, but honestly never heard of these at all before…

Will check them out, thx again!

Update: Just watched them, looks like there is actually 4 of them (also 1 about Ryu)

The Ryu/Gouken/Akuma one isn’t an “Aftermath” trailer (these focus on the events between the 2 games). But yes, it does exist.

Just curious, where are you getting your source/that info. from? SF wiki & most prominent YouTube video lists it as part of the SF II aftermath videos, though granted neither of those are official. In any case, on content, aside from being the same style as the other aftermath videos, Ken has his SF II hair & it shows Gouken’s SF IV era re-emergence so it would seem to fit in a post-SF II/pre-SF IV setting.

From the videos themselves.

The Aftermath trailers all state “shortly after the events of SF2” and were released as with the name “XXX Aftermath”.

The Gouken/Akuma trailer offers us flashbacks of Gouken and Akuma’s battle which resulted in Gouken falling down a ravine and being presumed dead. This event takes place around the time of SF1. You are correct that it does show Gouken surviving which happens later in the timeline.

The fight between Akuma, Ryu, and Ken is tricky to pinpoint as there is no precedence for it in the canon. Ryu fought Akuma in SFA2 and in SF5 only. Ken and Ryu never tag teamed Akuma, so it’s safer to assume that this event in the trailer never happened.

This trailer unlike the Aftermath trailer btw, was released as a “Special Anime” trailer.