WTF SA3 yang combo!

[media=youtube]Y2UDGMc9w3Y&feature=related[/media] could some one explain ?

Chun has a wierd hitbox that can be juggled with some low sweeping attacks like that. I think same with Alex as I can juggle both with a cr. mk from Yun and doesn’t work on anyone else…you see on combovideos stuff like akuma landing a juggled sweep on chun…it’s just hitboxes man…

I think he’s asking why Chun got command grabbed while in hitstun from the crossup dive kick. The game doesn’t let you do that unless it’s backturned position. A frame-by-frame isn’t giving much help since Yang’s sprite is right on top of Chun during the transition from dive kick hitstun to grab, so it’s hard to see anything.


Does the text under the video show something in place of gibberish coding for anyone?

you guys should watch this now [media=youtube]aneoGyY3POY&playnext=1&videos=-nqNWoYdmlI[/media]

O crap nice combos:wow:

great combo video…yang is such a beast, Gen would be proud lol

I think Gen would be a little more proud of Chun lol.