Wtf nobodys playing Sweet Tooth: the Sweet Tooth Thread

I’ll change the title later lol.

I have one cool idea with this guy I wanted to share, I will post later, but since there’s no thread I may as well get the ball rolling.

Easy lvl 1 setup:

d2 for knock down, neutral jump 1 for stagger state and combo into super level 1

knockdown is just to ensure you get a free jump and hit them before they jump. Place a mine to deter them from rolling a certain direction. They may still want to take the mine option instead of risking getting hit, in which case you just build more meter, especially if you get the jump shotgun follow up

He was my main during the beta. I played it to death. I’ve been wanting to familiarize myself with the rest of the roster for a while.

I’ll just go ahead and voice my opinion in that his SP2 is awful. I got most of my kills with SP1, didn’t even bother trying to go for SP3.

Imma pick him up next actually. Faster to learn in FFA mode then Dante.

HMM whats the highest AP people have gotten for sweet tooth? I got 96 and I found out that J.1 combos to d1 even if you do instant j.1 so thats pretty sick. Also U1 links into itself, in the corner you can get it 3 times but I can’t get anything to combo after it. Tried doing it only twice and still couldn’t get a combo after it.

Okay best midscreen sweet tooth combo is j.1,d1,u1,f2. You can technically get a 1,1 after the u1 but its not very easy…

I think the big bonus for sweet tooth is how fast his 1 super rushes forward and how much more meter he needs for lvl 2 vs lvl 1. I got lvl 1 almost to 2 and then landed almost 4 supers back to back…

His lvl 1 requiring only 100 AP is great, especially since d2 and d3 give 20 AP (1/5 each) and f2 gives 30 AP. Admitably simple, but I like it. Most times I have at least 1 lvl 1 super in the ready but sometimes I have a lvl 2 without realizing it, with mixed results (dumb luck I get the kill or sometimes I get “blown” up for using it. Get it?)

Not the most efficient, but in the corner there’s j. 1, d1, d3 u3, j. u3 for 130 I think

If you place the mine just right you can use it in down throw combos (and other combos) but the placement has to be right. My mines have been used more for space control and even sometimes I’ll leave it somewhere offscreen, the fight continues and they randomly land on it.

Does 2 or 3 have any use? Any tips on using u2 to lead to combos?

so I main sweet tooth and I just capped some footage from the SRK tournament we held. made it to grand finals, only to loooooooose…

should be up soon; my channel is LeebeeLink on youtube

I think most consistent combo for midscreen though its kinda hard is the Persona one
j.1, d1,d3, dash, u3, j.f+1

Near corner there is hella shit you can do that is much easier cause his shoulder tackle gives awesome easy to combo off of wall bounce.

Got this game and I have to say that it’s pretty fun so far. Been messing about in random quick matches especially 2v2s simply because I like team-work.

That said, I’ve been messing about with Sweet Tooth and man, the amount of people who constantly run into his mines is pretty big. Although I have been having some trouble getting past very projectile-heavy keep-out characters especially Jak, Ratchet and Radec.

You guys have any ideas? I was thinking using his forward + square to get some distance between myself and them.

He is a blast to play though definitely one of those under-used gems in my opinion.

As far as Radec goes, if all it does is snipe, you can easily make your way in if you time yourself right. If he’s better, he might switch it up once you get close then it might be a guessing game (that electric move he shoots up or more standing stuff). He hasn’t been too much trouble for me on Quick Match 2v2.

Pretty much no ex. with Jak or Ratchet.

How can we deal with Coles?