WTF Moments

What are some weird, crazy, hyped, memorable, epic moments you recall?

Was losing to Tony, a very good Ken player at the arcade. He was playfully juggling me in the air with geneijin so I walked off knowing I was gonna lose anyway. He misses the ending juggle for some reason. I got back in time, guessed parried his UOH, and punished with HK tatsu that crossed him up for the win. Crowd went nuts after.

MutantXP and Jia were arguing after Jia had lost to him. He challenged him to a money match, Mutant adamantly accepted in which Jia spat on his back and stormed out while Mutant just stood there.

The Friday night after NEC 2010. Chris G had a 10+ game win streak against all of our top arcade players at the time with Sean.

Some guy accused me of stealing his quarter and spot when I had just went to the token machine for 4 new quarters. Wasn’t a big deal until he made a big ruckus over it and his friend also blamed me for stealing his quarter.

Finding out that Akuma-HAX doesn’t main Akuma.

Chris g raping you guys with sean… is really a WTF moment for sure. lol

Watson raping with Sean

Got to play Chris G in 3s last night at super, as well as Red Venom. Had some good matches. Will definitely invite them for some more matches next time seeing as they aren’t always at the machine.

Lots of air tatsu, wrecked some guy at the arcade who always beat me in CVS2 which I never played but had to because people only played that, and Marvel 2 was out of my league. Hey why doesn’t Parry work in this game. “Here I’ll show you, tiger shot, run to my side, try to parry, fail. Repeat, 2 fails.” Could write that out but that’s probably the whole story. Roundhouse Gouki. The Shiro:White Ken of Gouki. He might’ve worked there so he had a lot more time at the arcade to play. Funnier story with the same guy about some kid, a hobo, and “shinAkuma isn’t in CVS2 Arcade, stupid!”

Yeah I tried to do that with no practice,

it sounds correct what Duralath is saying here for being intuitive and I had the idea before from him either saying it or seeing it, reading it somewhere

1st time on Japanese cab (that was working, first time played on a broken one) but that’s no excuse. Also the nerves of everyone is watching.

Back throw Makoto.

Doing shit way too fast, you talked about that before in TTH or something, but this is hyper speed mashed out. The result was amazing.

crJab EX Shoryu

“What the fuck was that?!” - audible, don’t remember who was our Generals team leader, but if it was 5Star that’s why I apologized later for ruining the beautiful game. I wouldn’t know, eyes on the match sitting too close, arcade cab screens are huge, still trying to pay attention. And you should never make your own nickname right, someone should give you a name on the court, earn it. Good thing my name was already WTF. “Was that” Is not a name though.

And if @KaraFail was trying to red parry something he could not have expected there, this isn’t SF4, where that flies as a legit confirm I guess, cr jab(x2 or 3) in punish situations there to make sure they’re grounded, start all combos with crJab stuff kinda weird game there. He did release guard and took a knockdown on the 2nd hit of EX Shoryu. Thanks man. But if he was trying to be sick and red parry that and punish faster than letting me come down from Shoryu, it takes 2 players to be sick. Glad I could help.

Good story from some writer guy getting dunked on, the same way like Brandon Knight and DeAndre Jordan. Guy goes up for something against this superstar AAU kid where he no chance but in the moment why not right? “Posterized.” Aww shit lost the game, lost my balls, why did I do that. Foul or stoppage in play, maybe after the game even? Superstar runs over to him. “Hey, that was cool!”


Dander played a match Oro Dudley with the giant “Controller removed please insert back”

wireless silly thing going on that won’t go away because some random PS3 controller home button stuff. hiding like everything. Still saw chicken combos from launch, no scumbag resets with dash or super boogers yet because tourney organizer staff was trying to help get that off the screen

not for their match specifically, but just to get the setup back to normal.

Dander DGAF. Him and dude were playing it out for the novelty of it all maybe.

I selected Akuma on the US Arcade machine @FFA. Screen broke the whole shit. Zig zagged can’t see anything.

Can’t even pick him then. Don’t know if it fucked up the other side it was connected to but some guy rotating on the machine next to me laughed about it, another witness he saw it too.