Wtf itagaki? DOA4 the premier fighting game?

I understand promoting your game but that’s just a really bad lie. Fans thought NG was flawless but we didn’t? NG had a pretty horrible camera angle to me. I’ll give him some credit for making NG and milking it as much as he could but DOA4…

Well, it is the most successful and sees the most publicity by far, being featured along with the other big games at WCG, MLG and whatever. I imagine that more people casually play DOA4 than the entire Street Fighter scene altogether.

Trust me man, this isn’t news, Itagaki’s been saying stupid shit since day one. We all know this as well as we know that he needs an acid facial. Just enjoy Ninja Gaiden and you’ll be fine.

I’m pretty sure Tekken beats DOA in overall popularity.

You expect him to say otherwise? In a world where every movie is the number one movie of the year/summer/insert time frame, you’re surprised that Itagaki would say one of his own creations was flawless. (Or well put the words in our mouths.)

What I’m surprised at, is that he somehow failed to manage a shot at Tekken in there.

purifyweirdsoul: Smash. I’d say that EASILY has a bigger casual scene than DOA.

dude, he’s very arrogant. All that sounds like things he would say. nothing suprising here.

And the NG community all has thier complaints about NG. Nobody thought it was perfect.

I liek DoA4…

But srsly, DoA is a good fighting game[well, to me at least]
But theres more indepth/better fighters to play.

My 2 cents.

Lei-fang FTW!!!


Let me ask this: Does anybody actually care?

Anybody who is even passingly familiar with this guy’s interviews knows that he lives with his head up his ass. Take what he has to say with a grain of salt.

itagaki is the fighting game scenes greatest troll, hes my role model

I mean, seriously.

Indeed. DOA releases always hover around 1 million sold marks (Excellent), but Tekken typically gets multi million.

Tekken 5 particularly sold 4.3 million.

I 've never known if it’d be proper to call him a troll or a hater.

Leaning more towards the latter.

Maybe he just meant on the 360? Because after all that is the only fighting game on that system.

He used the the word “World’s” at the start of the statement.

Nah, he definitely meant premier fighting game, period. For a long time, he’s had a serious hard-on for attacking other fighting games in order to promote the DOA series. Tekken is one of his favorite targets.

I know. I was being sarcastic. I guess I fail at sarcasm :confused:

…the fuck did you get THAT number from?

Well, he has the troll looks down. :angel:

dam i just had to post this…