Wtf is tron bonne is saying?

So does anyone know how to spell/ describe what Tron Bonne says during her Air H?

i think its “Eughhuhhuhhhuh”


Sounds like Woahhhhhhhhhhhh to me.

she’s just making a sound because she’s getting dizzy. she’s not saying a particular word.

actually it’s because when gustaff spins, a mechanical dildo inserts into her peepee and she says yoooooimsquirtindatcream

ah, of course

perplex you must be very well read in the schematics of the gustaff

What the fuck.

Ah, so that’s why they nerfed it in Ultimate.

That. Also look at her eyes, she’s getting dizzy

I think you’re forgetting about her crotch plate. Unless the crotch plate really is a mechanical dildo? Mind = blown.

What is this I don’t even…