WTF: [Donate or Help with Info] PS2-PS3 Adapters

Ok, I am finding alot of disparity between the adapters. The only known constant is the Pelican Ps2 to PS3 adapter which works fine on ps3 with no lag.

I am hearing rumblings that some Chinese clones are now able to work as well. However going through ebay, etc is a nightmare, and alot of sellers don’t have reputable feedbacks etc.

The goal of this thread is to scientifically test all adapters, in my various PC’s, and my playstation 3, preferably I would like to test it myself. I have access to all Console Controllers, and PCBs, and various custom sticks, so it would highly benefit myself, when I am giving advice to the community and the community if we can do scientific testing.

Anyhow I am looking for all adapters, and information about them, that anyone can provide, also if everyone can donate $1, $5 or more, I can go on ebay, and buy various adapters and test them myself, and update TL, on his adapter thread with definite answers.

I am not looking for, nor wanting to make a profit off this, so take this thread as you want, and I prefer if everyone keeps their donations low, I prefer the community itself fund its own answers, than an individual take a hit. But I am tired of not having concrete information, and I am unable to fund this at the moment though I think I am in a good position to do some testing.

If you donate money or the adapter, you will get your name published here, I plan to take pictures and make a quick movie comparison. Suggestions on testing methodology is welcome, and hopefully if alot of us come together, we can get some answers, or at least prove others. You can also donate the adapter if you have one.

Ill post here the amount and link to the ebay auction to all adapters I buy.

I have my own Pelican PS3 Adapter, so we would just get all the most popular ebay ones.

I am very interested in all those (Tim Static) adapters, so we can find a definite answer.

Alrighty, let me know what you guys think of the idea, if it sucks, I won’t do it, lol, just throwing it out there. ttyl! If the donations surpass the cost of the adapters, that money will be refunded to the ones that donated the most. TTYL!

ps. Donation * 1.04 to cover paypal fees, Paypal only.

pss. Megaman or Ephidel if this isn’t the correct format, etc you guys like for this, let me know or delete the thread, but let me know anyways, heh! ttyl! I just can’t stand one more person asking me that question, lol.

Review #1
Reviewer: PC1X1 Super Joy Box 3 Review

Test Unit: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Back: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Unit Contents:

Comparisons: . . . . . . . . . . . Tekken 5 Stick: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PSX Vanilla:

PSX Dual Shock:

[LEFT]Testing Methodology:
Adapter was plugged into a 60 Gig PS3, updated with the newest firmware as of March 8th, 2008, where all buttons would be tested, only 3 of the face buttons worked, and the dpad did not work at all. Thus already the adapter is deemed completely unusable for fighting games, and no further testing was in a game, all buttons including triggers and the analog joysticks were clicked in. Also the buttons were mixed up. Its interesting to note, that the left analog joystick did work fine, and although 3 buttons were messed up, IE Circle being Cross, etc. The Playstation 3 did somewhat work with the adapter, so the problems are likely to be due to drivers. The Super Joy Box 3, comes with its own proprietary drivers to work, and of course those cannot be installed into the Playstation 3 XMB.

So it seems its driver issues, and possibly not the hardware itself, though it wasn’t designed to work on the Playstation 3, so theres technical problems, but it seems like it could be made to work on the ps3 with a hardware revision. This gives us some hope, that maybe in the future, there will be a new ps3 adapter to hopefully replace the pelican. As a comparison I tested two pelican adapters (minimize lurking variables), and they worked fine, so it wasn’t a controller issue. I also threw in the Tekken T5 stick, but it wouldn’t work at all, same for custom sticks (They are based on PSX family of PCB’s).[/LEFT]

Verdict: Completely Unusable on a Playstation 3

[LEFT]Note: This test was made possible due to the generous contribution of TL613, he sent in his personal adapter, and used his own money to pay for shipping etc. As I have to use my own money (X_X) to ship it back to him. So please if possible, please contribute to the cause, by either sending an adapter with no intention of getting it back, ie Donate, or if you can spare some bucks from paypal (pm me), it would be appreciated. All monies will be used to pay for adapters, shipping of adapters and testing, no personal gain or profit, this is Nonprofit by the community for the community. This way, we can know for sure, and works, what doesn’t, what has lag, what doesn’t! Thanks again for TL613 for generously donating his adapter for testing.[/LEFT]


I can send you a Super Joy Box 3 Pro to test:

I’ve read that people say it works perfectly with a Saturn pad on PS3, so you can try it out since I don’t have a PS3 to test it with.

I will pm my address, luckly I have a Saturn pad, and the Nights 3D controller, so I can test those 2, I also have the Sega Saturn Wheel (LOL). Will you want the adapter back or your fully donating it :rofl:. As a warning, if you want it back, I have no extra cash atm, I took a loan to buy stuff from Stuart hahah. So it may take a while to come back to ya.

Waiting to see on tl613, on the super joy box 3

RockCho said he will donate an Xbox adapter, so I can go ahead and verify that one as well. Though we need donations to cover shipping if possible. $1-3

Hopefully more adapters will join the mix, I will write up all the controllers I have, and sticks, Ala T5, Naki World, etc, and well test them all.

I am concentrating on ps3, but with enough interest, I will test all platforms.

test them with guitar hero.

Unless you care to send a guitar thats a little impossible heh, but I wouldn’t mind trying it :rofl:.

I got your PM. Should be able to send it out Monday if not then Tuesday. Actually the adapter is only Playstation to USB, I got it confused with another Super Joy Box. But with the various PS controllers I have they all work perfectly with this thing on the PC.

I would like it back eventually (especially if it works well on PS3 :wgrin:) but wouldn’t be in any rush for it. Let me see how much it costs to ship and I can probably PayPal you the money to send it back.

review #1 is up, check on hardware Section.

My friend has an adapter that worked perfectly with a T5 stick playing cvs2 on my ps3. I didn’t really bother trying it with a ps3 game yet but I tried it with Warriors Orochi and the joystick wasn’t letting move around. Only the buttons worked, but I’m just hoping it just an issue with the analog function of the playstation controllers, and not much sticks have that. I’m hoping to buy it off him since I didn’t notice any lag. He doesn’t have the original box since he said he bought it a long time ago, but I’m guessing its a no name company. He said he got it at Fry’s. I’m hoping that they still sell them.

The only problem, even if its analog, its not the same, analog theres a slight curvature of movement, and depending how used to your joystick, it may bother ya. I am just hoping they will clone the pelican eventually, lol.

guitar hero has a lag test. just use a regular controller for it.

My cousin actually just got a PS3 and I let him borrow my guitars and that adapter. He said it doesn’t work because it is detected as a mic instead of a guitar or regular controller. They were the Red Octane white wireless guitars.

He doesn’t have the guitar, what are the chances of him having the game? Though you can buy it standalone for only 10 bucks now I guess. Which version?

This should have been done a long time ago. Good shit…

Yea I don’t have the game (Guitar Hero), but would be tempted to get it, if that lag test is accurate for controllers, I have no references on it. Otherwise thanks, and hopefully more people will step up, and I can eventually review all the adapters.

Went to my local Fry’s and called pretty much every gamestop near my house, not a single ps2->ps3 converter out there. Seems like these things are dying out in the States. Despite this, we can’t give up hope. Gotta keep this thread bumped.

I am hoping to eventually get a Tim Static, and see how it fares, hopefully eventually we’ll have a replacement. Until then, I have my 2 Pelicans to take care of P1, P2, on the playstation, but thats because I am extremely lucky.

Are the Pelican converters really that hard to find? I grabbed two from my local RB. Hell, I got one of them used for $2!! I’ll look around and see if I can still find any in my area.

Yea, feel free to send a few my way hahah

What’s RB? :wonder: