WTB: Yellow PS-14-Gs

Hello everyone; I hope the New Year is kind so far.


I am looking for six yellow PS-14-Gs. They look like the stock buttons on the Namco stick. Preferably used. Looking to pay like $10~20 shipped for a set.

I will also settle with the shells of the button, with no microswitch too!

Thank you for your time. PM me offers.

EDIT: No longer need anything.

Bump for other stuff I would like to buy. Now I wait…possibly forever. lol.

I was wondering: Are the JLF-TMs basically discontinued? I don’t seem to have seen them in the new 2010 Sanwa catalog either.

yes the TM’s are discontinued. why don’t you try one of these?

What is the quality on those? I’ve seen them on eBay before. Although to be honest, I was just thinking of buying MS-O-3R microswitches instead.

I was hoping to have someone with the 360 Hori HRAP EX possibly have a JLF-TM for sale lol.

I’m guessing yellow PS-14-G buttons aren’t too popular either huh? I guess I ask for weird things. :laugh: