WTB: XBOX360 SSF4 Game

I’m looking for XBOX360 SSF4 Game in SoCal around Los Angeles area. I’d like to buy it cash meet-up.

Must come with original case and manual with no scratches on disc.

PM me if you have it.





Amazon.com: Super Street Fighter IV: Xbox 360: Video Games

Thx, but I’m trying to get one used for cheaper local.

Pump Shotty?

Noob Cannon?

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Guys, I’m looking for local. And SSF4 goes for $20 used.

I’m pretty sure a used game will have scratches on it.

why would you think that?
mine doesn’t.
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Nope. I’ve found’em all used in perfect condition. It’s just that they’re PS3.

Thx sswizzbbeatss.

I’m not sure what a ps3 has to do with any of this, but I just checked my disc and there’s no scratches on it actually. So, forget what I said.

You must be lost. I meant all the used SSF4 games I found were for PS3.



you play too much CS :stuck_out_tongue:

haha I wish I was. My internet sux so I stopped playing years ago.