wtb Xbox 360

I just got RROD, and I refuse to pay them to get this thing fixed. Post up what you have, i’m not really looking for a bundle with a whole bunch of games and accesories since I already had a 360. Only games I don’t have that I would be interested in you throwing in with it would be battlefield 3, Soul Calibur V, Silent Hill HD collection, Silent Hill Downpour, Mass Effect 3, Asuras Wrath, Catherine, so if you don’t have those games please don’t throw other games in the offer to try to get more money out of me. POST YOUR LOWEST PRICE, I am not here to haggle with you, if I don’t like your price, I simply will not contact you.

I have a 360 with im not sure how big HD, I dontuse the thing, but it works fine ( i use PS3 hense the reason i dont care about the 360). ill sell it for $80. hit me up

its the older white model.

I have a 360 missing a HDD and the AV cable. Red ringed 2.5 years ago, but got it fixed by MS and it’s been great ever since.

I’ll say $70 for it if you’re interested.

Btw im not missing cables or anything, just dont care for 360