Wtb x360 madcatz headset adapters

i want one, preferably 2 of the headset adapters that come with te’s. I know everyone has one, and no one probably uses it anyways. I want that adapter specifically, because of the way it’s shaped for a case mod. Would do like $3 shipped for it?

I will check to see if I have 2 available when I get home.

cool, i’ll buy em both

I do have 2 new unused. So that would be $6 shipped. I have a question maybe you can help me out. I trying to mod a stick but I need to know what size quick disconnects/crimp connectors do I need. I need some for the sanwa buttons and some for the cherry switches on the LS-33. Lizard lick has 3 different sizes and don’t know what to order.


All japanese buttons use .110 and Seimitsu ls-33 terminals are .187.

It would be better to order from focusattack.com though, LL has been having problems as of late and a lot of stuff has been out of stock (listed as pre-order) for months and have taken longer to ship. And if you get the crimps from there you can just get the connectors, or also with wires pre-attached. Though i don’t think they carry ls-33’s.

that’s good, just pm me your paypal address.

Thanks. one100bill@yahoo.com