WTB: X-box 360 console

My friend is looking for a cheap used 360 that anyone wants to get rid of. Arcade addition with absolutely nothing preferred for cost wise. He is willing to spend between $100-$150 depending on condition and what it includes. Thanks!

The way the 360’s get the red rings so quick you should recommend to him spending the 200 for a arcade system and get a 2 or 3 year warrenty for like 20 bucks extra at walmart or bestbuy and when it messes up he can just go in and get a new 1 and he can always find a 20gb HD on eBay for like 30 bucks that’s just an idea

The 360 already comes with a 3 yr warranty.

no it don’t 1 year they only cover 1 red ring now fo free repair and by getting a warrenty in a store you just bring it in and get a new 1 right there instead of waiting a month.

They covered a 3-red lights repair for one of my friends consoles within the past month under the 3 year repair and one of my that showed error-74 in the past couple weeks.

They will actually repair anything for free (console related) if you act like you don’t know what you’re talking about and just say the 3 things are flashing. Since i’m like the only one in my area who know how to use a phone, I send one in for someone almost once a month.

Edit: Also, the month wait is not true at all. It usually takes 10 days or less round trip anymore. What you also don’t realize is many store warranties just send you a gift card in the mail and you don’t get to keep your hard drive. Also, why pay another 50 dollars to get something taken care of when MS will fix it for free?

well i just sent mine back friday they said it will be like 3 weeks i have 2 consoles the other i paid under 20 bucks for a 2 year bestbuy warrenty and there is no wait go in grab 1 off the selfs and exchange um at the service desk.

3 years is what is covered for Red Ring. Any other problem you got 1 year or $150
you gotta spend!! Sony is 1 year and thats it!

sony’s track record is better though… except when it comes to drive lasers…

Also MegamanDS: PM’d

Tell me about it, I gotta send my 80gb MGS4 system into them tomorrow.
Box got here friday.

Damn laser problem!!!

thats y i got a 2 year warrenty at best buy on my ps3 i returned it b4 the new year and had to pay like 15 bucks to add another year to the warrenty . well gl with what ever you choose.

still lookin, a couple fell didn’t go through

I would check the local craigslist ads. There are usually some pretty good deals to be found on there. If you have already, than I’m sorry to waste your time.