WTB/WTTF: Street Fighter Anniversary (XBOX)

Looking for Street Fighter Anniversary for the Xbox.

Wiling to pay 20$ Shipped Via Paypal or Trade for a Copy of CVS2 (PS2) (Disc Only)

Checking here first, before i go to the bay (ebay).



I’d do either option.

So You wanna trade ?

I attempted to send you a pm with my info. but your pm box is full if you would like to trade please empty your pm box :wgrin:

Thank You.

Legendary Gokou Its been about a week and i sent your game out,

im sure you got it by now, i havent got my game or any replys to my pm.

and i cant send anymore because your pm box is full please send me a pm / send my game out i dont want to have to report this,

im sure theyre is an explanation but i looked at your forum activity and you were on today. :confused: