WTB/WTT VSHG any revision in non collector condition

I’m looking to buy a used whatever revision that isn’t desirable, VSHG. I’m going to make it wireless so the guts are not important to me. I’ll probably be selling them here once I have it built. I don’t need a box or a stick in immaculate condition, so as long as there are no major scratches or dents or anything.
I have an 140 buck paypal or if you want to make a trade I have an HRAP SA with Semeitisu parts, (it looks identical to the SE addition hori released). I have stacks of SNES games and some PS2 games for trade as well.

I also have a good amount of DS, pc, and 360 games if that sparks anyone’s interest. I would also buy just the case without any buttons or guts if for some reason someone has any gutted case lying around.

doubt anyone has just the case laying around. why don’t you just buy a case from Voltech:

Danger im willing to sell my case vshg for 140 shipped.

Voltech sticks are too expensive, and from the little I know they are usually only offered in the cluttered 8 button layouts.

LOL I was just about to point out Meus had a case for sale for 140, but he beat me to it himself lol