WTB/WTT: Street Fighter Zero 3 10th Anniversary DVD

I hate it when Japanese are all bitchy about their tournament dvds, and make them event-only specials… Like this one:


This is a 2 dvd set, labeled as Vol.3 too. I already have Vol.1 and Vol.2, so just ignore those.

Basically you have to attend any of the tourneys they run each month to get a copy of it, which is incredibly frustating to those who wish to get this. So basically, to the people who browse this board, if anyone in Japan would like to do me a favor and pick a copy for me, i’ll send you $ and fees for your trouble.

Now if someone has it already, then what would it take for you to trade or sell me a copy (retail or burned, i dont care, i just want the damn thing). As for trades you can PM me your email and i’ll send you a list of the current things i have for trades. Mostly are tourney DVDs from the likes of XMania, Evolution, SBO, etc. And some othe obscure Fanmade tourney/superplay replay discs.

Hopefully anyone can help me out with this, i’ll be sure to reward you properly.