WTB/WTT: LS32-01 + Swap Magic 3.6(JAP)

Looking to buy/trade for a Seimitsu LS32-01 joystick.
Additionally I need a Flat Mounting plate for a Seimitsu LS32 aswell.
I have a new sanwa JLF stick I am willing to trade for the above. It’s wings have been shaved, dremeled etc to drop straight into a case mod like a fight stick 3 or an EX2(It Includes the 5 wire’s attached, Dreamcast harness and I will throw in a GT-Y Octogon gate) I got the mounting plate for it too if you need it.

Also looking to buy a ps2 swap magic disk, it needs to be the japanese version NOT a pal version, It need’s to be NTSC-J.

I am looking to pay around 15 shipped for the seimitsu, and sensible offers for a seimitsu LS32 flat mounting plate.
Around 15-20 shipped for the Swap Magic

I would consider other trades for the swap magic or seimitsu stuff, I got buttons, sticks, games etc. Let me know what your after.

I got a project box which I will might be putting up for sale/trade soon too.
Its a common ground hacked ps3 pad in a agetec base with a sanwa JLW stick and sanwa OSBN Buttons. (Ideal for turning into a dual mod stick)