WTB WTT for Ps2 Cvs2

Looking to get cvs2 for the ps2. Preferably in very good condition, with manual, few scratches, and not smoky smelling. Looking to spend 25 to 30 bucks paypal.

I would prefer to trade though, here’s some extra stuff I have:

Suzo Inductive joystick, new

Happ P360, tried once, liked the suzo better (would want a mint condition cvs2 for this)

random korean parts, some crown sticks and buttons, inquire within :slight_smile:

also have marvel super heroes and x-men children of the atom for ps1. Both not in great shape, but playable. Neither have the manual, but do have the front cover, and the marvel one has the back jewel case cover too. The X-men doesn’t come in original case, but some plastic case. Both were rentals I believe.

Gamestop sells it for 30 and you can check the quality of the CD while you’re at it

You smell your games? :wonder:

what’s wrong with that?

You know what I’m talking about, stuff that comes from a household of smokers usually smells, regardless if you are trying to smell it or not.

^^i hear ya I can’t stand that shit. :wasted:

I got one I don’t play but it’s scratched to high hell LoL!:lol:

I got one. I rarely played it while it is in my possession(cosmetic damage on the case), but I’m willing to trade for the stick(witch one is up to you, but I preffer the Happ.)

Mine smells like peaches :confused:

PM me asap with details, highly motivated buyer :slight_smile: