WTB: WoW Honor Grind Service (buying your time)

I am not buying an account. I am looking for someone to play my character for me over the next week to get honor in game while i deal with some real life crap like school and house/yardwork. If this is not allowed then sorry. Rules just says no accounts to be sold etc. All i am doing is buying their time.

-Participate in every wintergrasp event that you are online for (wintertime addon helps)
-Get 50 of each token before turning them in for the quest rewards
-Confirm all purchases of items for honor with me (list of items in order will be below)

-No talking to guild mates
-No swearing in game
-No talking in game unless in /bg to give information of incomings and the such
-No afking!
-Nothing to put any strikes against my account.
-You are not to log in to ANY OTHER character period. I will have friends of mine tell me if they are seen online and will check guild’s “last active”

Item list order
Hateful Scaled Gloves
Hateful Scaled Helmet
Deadly Back of triumph (crit/ap/resil) 84 stam
Hateful Scaled Legs
Deadly Ring of triumph
Deadly Amulet of triumph
Deadly Belt of triumph
Deadly Boots of triumph
Deadly Bracers of triumph
Hateful Scaled Chest

All hateful pieces are for retribution! NOT HOLY!

I will provide gold for repairs (300 gold left in his bags) I suggest using a rotation of BGS unless AV has SHORT que times

I am horde on a pvp server and here are the ratios

AB: 50/50
EOTS: 60/40 alliance advantage
Strand: 50/50
WSG: 50/50
AV: 60/40 Horde advantage

If you don’t know what you are doing with a paladin… when you die mash f8 (macro for aura, seal, might) and then just basically go 1,2,3 repeat… it’s brain dead simple so this explination wasnt really necessary but w/e

I can either pay cash or buy you wow time (2 month cards). Cash will be paid via money order.

My limit is 50$ to spend or up to 3 time cards. If you choose time cards you will be given one code per week for 3 weeks starting the friday after memorial day.

Please post how much honor or how many of said items you are willing to get in this one week time frame (starting tuesday at 2pm once servers come up untill the evening of memorial day)

Contact me via PM.

Any questions please ask.

i used to know people that did this for a living! i came in their house and they’d have 8+ computers all over the living room. i would suggest trying craigslist to find guys that do this they’re out there and you can most likely find local.

Is there really that much money in this vs the time it takes to actually grind the rep/honor?

I was in WOW back before the first expansion came out, and ended up selling my rogue account (2/8 tier 3 and 8/8 tier 2… none of that 2.5 shit) for $800…

But when I did the /played and divided the 800 by the time I played I was making $3.36 an hour…

check out markeedragon.com

or just buy pirox

is it relatively safe to do this though? id be afraid of having someone jus jump on/rob guild bank/materials or something…or jus trash ur gear for kicks…

yea it’s actually not much money. the people that i knew who did this were high school kids.

all my valuables will be given to a guild mate of mine and G bank access will be removed.

i will not deal with markee dragon.

pirox is also a bot… which i dont see being such a good idea as i have 4 80s on my account.

Job contracted on another website.

this can be closed.

i remember my friend begging me to let him level my druid to 60. i didn’t hesitate, i loathe pve in any game.