Wtb: Wico p360!

Yup, you know what i want, and i know you got it =]

Willing to pay a lot for one, so hit me up with a pm!

Or better yet, if you have a stick laying around that has wico p360 that you dont want anymore, I am the right person for the job to take that stick away from you.

I also have sticks willing to trade as well if your interested in that.

Better yet, ill give you a great deal if you do have a wico stick and your willing to sell/trade! Just send me a PM!!!

So guys, how about them lakers? :woot:

Good luck finding a Wico360. It took me prolly a year and half just to find one and then buy it for like $60.

What’s your offer for one?

over 60, do you have one?

yeah, im willing to pay over 60 =]

Bobby: I have more than one, but I don’t like selling them unless it’s VERY high.

Is there a preference between the not-as-old model Wico 360’s (look like Happ but before they were actually Happ) and the super-old ones (big red sticker on the bottom)? I’ve asked before but I’ve never received a definitive answer as to which–if either–is superior.

DreamTR: I just sent you a PM, i dont know if thats high enough but i sent you a PM.

dreadfrong: Thats a good question, i wouldnt know either

The only difference between the Wico 360s and Happ 360s NOW are the better actuators on the old ones.

The old school red Happs are all preference. I like those = )

whats ur “high” price??!?!?:looney:

i have 1 extra one and it’s brand new. but i don’t wanna sell, but i guess i could be tempted with a “high price”

$100? I don’t want to buy one (I own one myself) but I’m wondering if that’s high enough for you :looney:

yeah i would pay 100 =p

I wouldn’t sell mine for $100. I probably would want $175, that would allow me to sell it, mainly because they aren’t “for sale”, so that is what it would take.

maybe we should petition to get happ to start making them correctly again o_o

yeah, that would be great =]

110.00 and i’ll sell mine… then i’ll spend the money on something really stupid and not have a back up wico. Weeee

No, but for real, I’ll sell it for 110.00 shipped priority.

PM me