WTB: VSHG modded for both PS3 & Xbox 360

hi fellas, new user here and I’m looking to buy a Virtua Stick High Grade that was modded to be compatible for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. Please PM me price and the stick must have all original sanwa parts intact and in perfect condition. Thank you.

good luck with tha youll be lucky if one exists

Actually, they’re fairly common.

OP, look for threads started by Akuma001 here in the trading outlet, I know he’s done bunches. Also check the how-to thread by codyk on the virtuafighter.com boards; I think his handle there is KoD, but a quick google should find the thread. The how-to is there, or you can troll for someone to do it for you.

actually you would have alot more luck asking to have a ps3 controller wired with a 360 controller into a VSHG you buy.

Here’s the link for the mod.