WTB - Virtua Stick High Grade (Sega)

im looking for an high grade stick for a reasonable price so if anyone knows where I can find one or have it for sale let me know:wgrin:

What system? What is your price range?


system doesnt matter i have someone who can mod it for me

In all honesty Hydro, for $100 bucks, you’re not going to be getting much if anything. I mean, for $100, I’m sure you can buy a decent case for parts, but I doubt you’ll be getting a whole stick for that much. Not trying to shit on your thread or anything, but I’m just telling you how it is.

I have a byrdo for $400!

I said $100 cause the sites that have them sells them for $80 but they are out of stock and/or old sites. I see them selling for average $150:smile:thats not bad I wish I could find the high grade case that will work better.



Seriously though it would help your thread if you where more specific in what you needed.

What do you mean by High Grade stick?

I consider stuff that Kaytrim, Ecksnine, and Norris and SteveTren, Voltech, and and soon NHTRANs cases High grade but their blanks can go for $150+

So you want a complete stick, or just the case, joystick and buttons for your guy to fill the innards?

If you are talking about SE sticks well I consider those Budget Quality.

i have a complete kaytrim stick that im trying to sell. pm me and we can work out a price.

i believe he means the sega VSGH (virtua stick high grade).


hope this helps you to help me thanks

DIPEZ - Virtua Stick High Grade (Sega)

ok. i didnt know u wanted a virtua stick. nvm then.

Good luck getting a VSHG, they’re out of print. They go for around $150+ used, $250ish new. Make sure you find out what revision your getting, as certain ones have issues with multiple inputs on most games.

I bought a mint condition (new revision) VSHG on these forums not to long ago and it cost me $200. A mint VSHG at $200 bucks is considers a good deal so I don’t think you’ll find one at your price point. These things are out of print and rare, good luck in your search though.

Do you have one or just a general question ?

Right now im willing to pay $150
I doubt it if I find one in mint condition but I really want one cause im on my second HORI EX2 in 5 months.

The Sega High Grade is so sturdy, wont move and it looks and feel like it will last long.

I was offered 200 for mine and I said no way. Hope you can find one at some point, it just may take you a real long time to get one.

the demand for those are ridiculously high. 100 bucks won’t help much anywhere for a VSHG.

I was lucky to get for in mint condition with box coming from japan. My cost with shipment included 165 usd on ebay.