WTB: Used PS3 TE or PS3 SE retrofitted

Title of thread says it all. Name your price, I will take the best offer.

EDIT: Bought a SE from ibeatu, but I am now looking for a regular HRAP 2. Just the plain ol stick, I don’t want a special edition one, just a regular HRAP 2. Doesn’t have to have the upgraded parts or anything.

I have one pm’d


pm’d as well


did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose I’ll join the PM train.



Thread update: Got an SE hammered out with ibeatu, but I’m still up for a TE. I got great offers from Nobus, Cl, and Cleaner. Earliest I can do something about a TE will be Friday of next week, I’ll keep this thread updated as well. Still taking offers for a used TE.

i have a marvel TE for the ps3

90 + shipping

let me know whats up

got some stuff you may be interested in this thread, thanks


bamp. Original post edited.

We still on?

Oh wait you still are holding on to that te? Of course i’ll send you a pm

i’ve got a used RD1.
100+15 for shipping

I got a used ps3 stick RD 1 for sale. No box though. 85+15 shipped. So $100.