WTB used HRAP3/HRAP2 with converter

i’ve just been last minute outbid on ebay for the 4th time

i’m tired of it

anybody need extra x-mas shopping money? shoot me a pm

already bought sanwa buttons so dont need a modded HRAP, but if the price is right ill think about it

would prefer a HRAP3 but will gladly accept a HRAP2 with an InPin or Pelican converter if you have one you would like to include


I’m not sure how much you’re willing to spend if you’re looking for used, but they have HRAP3’s in stock at play-asia.com http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-19-71-99-49-en-15-hori+real+arcade+pro.html


just sent pm

somehow i can’t justify spending $50 on shipping from japan, especially considering that if i wait til the end of the month i can buy one from amazon for $100 with free shipping

thx for reply tho

link for those that may not know yet amazon us hrap3

bump bump bump it up

May be a shot in the dark, but this guy made a thread about how he hates the HRAP 3, and is looking to get a different stick. Maybe PM him and see if he is selling.


I’ve got a T5 stick with a Vewlix panel that comes with the acrylic clear top for art(never used acrylic still packaged) I could put a ps1 official pad in it with quick disconnects so you could put you’re own buttons and art and stick in it and it fits a JLF or a LS-32. If interested shoot me a pm and I’ll let you know the price. I do have a Pelican also.

yeah i have the t5 stick at my parents house with a bent-in panel. i was thinking about buying one of those custom vewlix panels and buying a jlf to throw in there

i remember reading that the obsf snap-ins do not fit well with the acrylic on top

also, why would you change out the t5 pcb for a ps1 pcb?