WTB: Udon SF Super Wide Street Jam Poster or 15th anniversary arcade stick poster

Looking to buy the Udon “Street Fighter Super Wide Street Jam Poster” that came with the 15th anniversary arcade stick. It was also sold at one time on the Udon website. Don’t need it framed, just the front of the poster in good shape with no rips or tears.

Many thanks

I am selling this, along with a whole bunch of other udon streetfighter stuff. I’m in UK.

Great!! What is your asking price and due you accept PayPal?

tel me more

£7 GBP plus whatever the postage costs are. I would advise you to combine postage but if it’s all you want then it’s up to you.

I’ll have to go to the post office to tell you how much postage is.

I accept paypal but only paypal gift because their charges are so high.

I’ll have a picture of all the stuff I’m selling on here tomorrow.

Well O.K. “matrixdub” you have yourself a deal one Udon “Street Fighter Super Wide Street Jam Poster” for £7 GBP plus postage. Paid as a gift.
PM me your details. I will also take a look at the rest of the items you post here tomorrow.

But please consider the poster as sold. I wouldn’t mind a pic of the poster sent to me as a PM since you’re going to be taking pictures of the other items for sale.

Many Thanks,

Your poster is the one at the top, but you knew that :).

Any questions, just ask.

Payment received and item shipped.