WTB: Third Strike CPS3 board

After exhausting all other options, I turn to SRK.

Does anyone know of anywhere/anyone who is selling their 3s kit? US or Japanese version, either one is fine. (preferably not the asian version, but it might come down to that…)

Thanks guys :lovin:

japanese yahoo auctions
ebay about once a month
call up arcade companies and coin-op vendors (thats what i did to find one)… didn’t end up buying it though

if you call the right places, you can find a whole 3s machine for 600 or so… so just strip the cps3 out of it and put it into another cab. Make sure to get the battery replaced though… i know there is someone reputable on neo-geo.com that can do it.

DevilRedeemed at the Neo-Geo.com forums should have US kits for sale at $480 USD.

dunno if guy still has, but does’nt say nothing about being sold.


Theres also an asian one on ebay right now.

Damn…SRK is mad helpful, lol.

No kidding! Thanks a lot guys, I fired off a PM to DevilRedeemed over at neo-geo.com, sounds like he still has a few left.

Thanks again for all your help :smiley: