WTB TE Kitty PCB shipped asap- need this week


wanted to see if any builders or mod enthusiasts out there had a spare TE Kitty they could sell me, as I need to fix my stick which had a Kitty die in it, for a tournament this coming weekend.

I’d be willing to pay a premium on shipping if you’d be able to get it to me by Friday 11/23 in Buffalo, NY. I already checked gdlk, paradisearcade, focus attack and several other sites, the TE Kitty’s seem sold out, and I need this PCB specifically for my LED set up on the stick.

post up any details you’d require from me to have this happen, feel free to pm my any intel you have also.

-Cha Cha

just a bump to express that i really need this pcb. i am totally willing to pay a premium for your troubles+ overnight shipping.