WTB T5 Stick

Even though my first t5 mod took forever

i know what i did wrong and id like to do it again :3

ill pay less than 55 shipped

doesnt have to be brand new, just the box and metal panel in good condition.

Continuing from the other thread, I don’t know how to tell if it’s a pcb problem or a button problem, I’m going to take a look through the Tech Talk forum and see what I can find.

Edit: or I can sell it to you and you can return it if new buttons don’t work. Tech guys don’t seem to be responding.

how much are you offering? i kinda need my stick but then i want to save up for an hrap2 at the same time :sad:

edit: just to let you know mine is pretty much 10/10 i say pretty much cause i havent looked at it but there shouldnt be any scratches or anything.

how much shipped? ^^


Hmm… should i sell mine. I dont really use it as much but im not sure :frowning:

I’ve got one that’s desoldered and with button tabs filed down. The only mod done to it is that the metal plate has been spray painted with a glittery-ish silver coat. If you’re interested, lemme know. Also, lemme know if you want the buttons, switches and joystick too.

$65 shipped.

you should please :lovin:

ummm i think i might ?

unless you just sell me the box sanwa ready
for less $

i might be willing to part with mine, i’ll let you know later today

What do you mean?
With everything wired already for less?
Or as it is without the buttons and joystick?
Because the PCB still needs wires and stuff soldered onto it to work with a joystick and buttons.

If you just want the pcb and box itself with none of the buttons and stick with it… I can sell it for $60 shipped.



you still need one? I have one un-modded, i’ll let go for 60 shipped

i assume you don’t need this anymore? Never replied to my last pm o_O unless it got deleted when the forums restarted.

sorry bout that urth i thought i did

well pm sent

thnx in advance man :tup:

bump i need another!

I got a T5 available. $55 shipped still for just the metal plate and shell?