WTB: Stools for an arcade cab like these!

Where can I get some stools like these? The reason I ask is because I think these are quite common in Japan?

I’ll be interested in something like that also. Closest similar seat I could find is from IKEA but they were too tall, you know need to hack down the legs some.

those are common in japan, they’re the standard style arcade stool. You can have them imported but they’re not cheap. I know rklok imports 'em, probably river service could hook you up too. good luck!

I ended up just buying some ikea stools myself. I got these: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S59850386
Two of them were cheaper than one of those standard arcade stools, even before shipping so…

Hey Geo, I just PM’d you about your cab. Remember me? I got the same cab as you from Matsu when you were trying to part ways with it? But your interest in the stools makes me think you decided perhaps to keep it. Anyways, you can get those stools from Riverservice in Japan. I just ordered some myself, but the official Taito square ones that look just like that but black pleather/leather appearance, don’t stain as easy. Reply to my pm and I can send you the link, ect… You can order the multi-color cloth ones like that new as well and they are about 10, well really 15 bucks because of the exchange rate, cheaper than the official Taito Viewlix stools. Let me know about your cab though… EDIT: for the official ones, they are about 7800 yen each. For two stools sent EMS from Japan, it will cost an additional 150 bucks. By boat which could take more than a month, about 80 for shipping.