WTB : Specific Joysticks modded in a TE or like TE case

I am looking for two sticks. They can be for 360 or PS3, or dual modded.

I need at least a TE size case or similar.

I need one joystick to be Seimitsu stock with Sanwa buttons

I need the other joystick to be Sanwa JLF BAT style with Sanwa buttons

If anyone has either of these for sale or available to be made or whatever, please let me know. Easiest for me would be XBOX 360 TE modded to a different stick on one and different top (for bat) on the other.

The Madcatz TE comes stock with a Sanwa JLF and Sanwa Pushbuttons. You can just go to lizardlick or other arcade part distributors and purchase the battop + Battop adapter and you’ll have your stick.

I do have a xbox 360 TE-S that I’m looking to sell. It’s the white version. Right now it’s modded to run for ps3/ps2/pc as well (using an MC Cthulhu) and also an IMP board (Lets you run 360 and ps3 from a single USB cord, also detects which console the stick is plugged into). THeres also a Neutrik adapter installed, making the USB cord removable when not in use. I have 4 sanwa pushbuttons being sent to me to replace a few on the stick. I can also order the bat top and adapter and install that in the stick. Looking for $220 shipped for that.

Or I could just bring the stick back to stock, and order/install the Battop+Adaptor for $145 Shipped.